This and That.

1. I can’t believe the amount of books that I have read in the last couple of months. I think it is because I have made sure I had at least an hour each day to do something that is unplugged and purely for myself.

2. Sometimes weekends aren’t about what you do, but rather who you spend them with. During the last few weeks, Mr. Sweet and I have been so busy that we have not had time to relax. So, this weekend was wonderful. We watched too many movies, ate big breakfasts with delicious cups of coffee, chowed down on specialty ice cream, rejuvenated with a very necessary nap and attended a savory dinner.

3. I’m not looking forward to tomorrows impending snow storm. If I was stuck at home with Mr. Sweet I wouldn’t mind so much, but I know I have to go into work.

4. Our Italy trip is officially cancelled. I’m sad, but know it is for the best. Hopefully a trip to somewhere in Europe will be in the works for next year.

5. I’m on the lookout for a new camera. There are so many out there that I just feel so overwhelmed.

6. In the beginning of next week, Mr. Sweet & I are going to make a lifestyle change. Nothing as drastic as moving to a different state or quitting our jobs. Just a little something that we have wanted to do. If all goes well, you will hear about it in the future.


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