Not such a vision.

“Vision in White” is the first in a series of books about a quartet of friends running a wedding business, Vows. This is the first story in the series. The Plot: wedding photographer, Mackensie “Mac” Elliot falls for a nerdy professor who is the brother of one of the brides.

Let me start off by saying I am a long-time Nora Roberts fan. I have read many of her books.

With that said – Wow, was I disappointed. The book was boring, bland and uninteresting. There was nothing exciting or fresh about “Vision in White” and it lacked the caliber of writing I normally expect from Nora Roberts.

The plot fell flat. It went on and on about the wedding planning industry. The love interest, Carter, was whiney and way too nervous for my taste. A leading man should be strong and I felt that he was constantly second guessing himself throughout the book. I think Robert’s was going more for a nerdy/self conscious endearing type but for me it didn’t shine through.

Unfortunately, halfway through the book I returned it to the library. This is actually one of the few books that I just could not finish. If you enjoy Nora Robert’s you can try it out, but don’t expect too much.


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