This & That.

1. I am a few episodes away from finishing Battlestar Galatica. I have been watching this show for so long that I am not sure how I will handle the fact that there will never be a new episode.   I’m also on the search for a new show to watch.  Any suggestions?

2. This feels like the longest winter ever. Every time I think we are heading towards spring, March decides to gift us with another snow storm. It just doesn’t feel right.

3. Mr. Sweet’s brother & his wife moved back to New Jersey from California a couple of months ago. They were living with her mother until they found a place to live. This weekend we visited their new apartment and I am completely jealous. It gorgeous and in the exact spot I want to move. I am hoping we find something just as nice when we start looking in the summer.

4. I finally decided on Feedly as my new blog reader. The design of the reader has me reading through my 200+ blogs so much quicker and with more ease then Google Reader. So glad that I switched over.

5. I am obsessed with Ghirardelli’s Cabernet Matinee Chocolate at the moment. The chocolate bar is infused with blackberries and Cabernet Sauvignon. Enough said! I bought the bar at Target the other day and hid it away. Mr. Sweet would eat the whole thing if he had the chance.

6. I can’t wait till March 30th!  Doctor Who will be returning on BBC America along with Orphan Black and The Nerdist. AND new episodes of Game of Thrones on HBO.   Mr. Sweet & I are going to have a mini premier at the apartment (invite: 2).


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