Adventures in Cake Pops

This Easter Mr. Sweet & I were visiting family. I always bring a dessert and wanted to bring something special this year because there were going to be a lot of children. Ever since I saw Bakerella’s first cake pop I knew I had to make them. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try them out.

What is a cake pop you ask? They are basically little balls of cake and frosting covered in chocolate and decorated. They are pretty simple to make: bake a cake, let it cool, tear it into crumbs, stir in frosting, roll cake into balls, dip in chocolate and decorate. Easy peasy!

While mine didn’t achieve the talented heights of Bakerella’s they still came out pretty good for my first go of it. They were gobbled up by kids and adults alike. I am looking forward to trying out different variations for future events.

Check out Bakerella’s site for all her amazing ideas!

Tips I found helpful:
– Put the cake pops the freezer before dipping so that the pops can harden a bit. If the cake is too soft the ball will fall apart when placed in the warm chocolate.
– I used half a can of frosting.
– For easy crumbs I placed the cooled cake in my KitchenAid Mixing Bowl with a paddle attachment on low and let the KitchenAid do the work. After the crumbs were made I added the frosting and had the KitchenAid mix it for me.
– I did not freeze the cake pops after the chocolate was applied. I left them to air dry and they came out smooth. I have heard that if you freeze them the outer coating may crack.
– Mr. Sweet recommended next time to use munchkins instead of going through the trouble of making the cake. Good idea honey!


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