Delightfully Living: Day 85 – Day 94

365 photo project – the simple act of taking a picture every day for a year. The idea behind starting the project is for me to try to get myself to slow down and take a different look at the world. The series is called Delightfully Living. This is Day 85 – Day 94.

What you will see: moments of time, food, details of the world around me and things that I enjoy.

Day 85: I love the contrast of this picture. I was waiting patiently for my husband.

Day 86: Layla loves to bird watch. She will pat the blinds and meow till I open them for her. This is her favorite spot.

Day 87: Mr. Sweet & I love to have Bad Movie Thursday’s. We pick a random movie from Netflix, pop a bowl of popcorn and watch. Sometimes we will find a really great movie or a really, really bad one.

Day 88: Hello Kitty Trouble, company and wine will always lead to laughs.

Day 89: A delicious Hibachi dinner with friends! Their rice is amazing!

Day 90: Mr. Sweet & I love to make little things like the Doctor Who premier special. Popcorn holders with the characters on them! The next day we wore crowns and drank ale for the Game of Thrones premier.

Day 91: New glasses!

Day 92: Cards Against Humanity. Hilarious! We played just to see what the cards were about. We can’t wait to play with friends.

Day 93: When the hubby works late I like to have light dinners. Perfection on a plate.

Day 94: Yet another game night! Mr. Sweet ordered 3 more games this week. I can’t wait till they come in.


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