A visit to the Bronx Zoo.

This weekend Mr. Sweet & I decided to pop in the car with two friends and take the short drive over to the Bronx Zoo.  It was one of those perfect Saturday’s where there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the temperature was in the 70’s with a cool breeze and you didn’t want to spend your time indoors.

With 265 acres of wildlife habitats and attractions, the Bronx Zoo’s size and impressive exhibits make it impossible to see everything in a single visit.  If you ever decide to go, don’t forget to wear sneakers.  You will be doing a LOT of walking.  You also have to go in with a plan, which of course we did.  We hit all of the major sites we wanted to see: Butterfly Garden, World of Reptiles and African Plains.  We then leisurely walked back to the gate we came from popping in and out of exhibits.

Ever since I was a kid I always loved visiting the zoo.  It isn’t simply an excursion to see animals from the wild, but also a way to learn about them and a way to feel inspired to help protect them.

If you are ever in the NYC area I suggest you take a trip to the zoo.  It is fun for all!

Note: Be aware that there are several exhibits and attractions that are not included in the regular cost of admission, including The Children’s Zoo, The Bug Carousel, the Butterfly Garden, camel rides, the zoo shuttle and the Congo Gorilla Forest.  We bought a VIP pass ($29.95) which let us into all attractions.


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