Blue Moon Café

Mr. Sweet & I have a friend. He is a lover of food. We have gone on dozens of trips with him and his girlfriend and never have been disappointed. He plans trips like no one I have ever met. We know when we are going away with him that we will come back with hilarious stories, full bellies and lots of memories.

He has yet to steer us wrong.

So when he suggested stopping by the Blue Moon Café in Fells Point, MD we were all for it – even with the hour wait.

The atmosphere is upbeat and welcoming with its eclectic décor of fireplace mantles, artsy knick-knacks and collectibles, Day of the Dead skeletons, and the hodgepodge of tables and chairs.

The menu offers classic dishes or house specialties all in generous portions. We each ordered something different so we could all have a taste of something unique. The huevos rancheros with chorizo, eggs, fresh salsa, cheddar and crisp corn tortillas were delicious, but the winner was definitely the Captain Crunch French Toast. Oh and the homemade biscuits and jams – Yumm! Cinnamon rolls the size of your head!

I am so happy we don’t live closer because I would want to eat here again and again.

Blue Moon Café
1621 Aliceanna Street
Balitmore, MD 21231


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