Ahoy Matey! Shiver me Timbers!

My husband is a big pirate fan. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him.

So of course on our recent Baltimore trip, a friend and I decided to surprise Mr. Sweet with a “Bring Your Own Grog” cruise in Fells Point. Since 2008, Urban Pirates has been launching daytime family cruises and nighttime adult cruises on their 52-foot custom built pirate ship, “Fearless.”

We opted for the nighttime version, where you can board the ship with any alcoholic beverage of your pleasing. Once on the ship, you are fitting with a costume and serenaded with entertaining pirate soundtracks. The whole experience was a blast as we sang along with our fellow pirates, drank our grog and laughed till our stomachs hurt.

The entire cruise takes about an hour, as the ship leaves from Ann Street pier, sails along Tide Point, Locust Point, Federal Hill, and the Inner Harbor. Though, you won’t venture out onto the open seas, you can dress, talk, and play games like a pirate as you safely cruise around the harbor.

Be prepared to man the water cannons and blast away any enemy pirates!

Urban Pirates runs four nightly trips every Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $25 and many of the cruises book up early (we booked about two weeks in advance since it was their first trip of the season). The cruise is a really unique way to see Baltimore, from the waters view and I suggest it for kids and adults alike!

Urban Pirates
912 South Ann Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 327-8378


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