Life as of late.

I can’t believe the last time that I wrote on the blog was almost a month ago. It feels as thought I just pushed publish on the last post.

A little that has been happening..

– I celebrated yet another birthday. This one brings me into the next category of life. I went from one age bracket to another. It is a year older that has me thinking about where I am in my life and what is coming up next.

– Mr. Sweet and I went on a glorious vacation to Mexico. I think of our time there everyday and wish we could go back. I miss the sunsets, beaches and laid back atmosphere.

– We are in the process of looking for a new place to live. We love our little apartment but it is getting a bit small for our liking and we are hoping to find something bigger with a backyard. So far the search isn’t going well. So many places are either too expensive, not in the area we are looking for or don’t allow pets.

– An injury that I have had for a while flared up during our Mexican vacation. When we returned to the States I realized it wasn’t something that I could continue to push off and went to see my doctor. I am scheduled for surgery this Thursday and freaking out.

Well, enough rambling out of me. After surgery I will have plenty of time to write and hope to get back on track. Chat with ya later!


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