Life as of late.

I can’t believe the last time that I wrote on the blog was almost a month ago. It feels as thought I just pushed publish on the last post.

A little that has been happening..

– I celebrated yet another birthday. This one brings me into the next category of life. I went from one age bracket to another. It is a year older that has me thinking about where I am in my life and what is coming up next.

– Mr. Sweet and I went on a glorious vacation to Mexico. I think of our time there everyday and wish we could go back. I miss the sunsets, beaches and laid back atmosphere.

– We are in the process of looking for a new place to live. We love our little apartment but it is getting a bit small for our liking and we are hoping to find something bigger with a backyard. So far the search isn’t going well. So many places are either too expensive, not in the area we are looking for or don’t allow pets.

– An injury that I have had for a while flared up during our Mexican vacation. When we returned to the States I realized it wasn’t something that I could continue to push off and went to see my doctor. I am scheduled for surgery this Thursday and freaking out.

Well, enough rambling out of me. After surgery I will have plenty of time to write and hope to get back on track. Chat with ya later!


Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging..

First and foremost, I want to apologize for my leave of absence for the last week. I have not disappeared or taken an unannounced break from blogging. Instead, my explanation is rather simple, albeit mundane— work obligations. I have been in overload and I wasn’t able to get away.

One too many cups of Starbucks and not enough sleep.

But as this week is coming to a close so is the craziness!

Thank goodness!

So long, Farewell. I hate to see you go.

Though this is certainly not the end of the world, Google Reader is retiring as of July 1st. Social media is quite a big deal for the blogging community and I used Google Reader heavily. Now I am in search for a new home for all of my RSS feeds.

I like to keep social media streamlined and easy. Doesn’t everyone? Google Reader helped me with that.

There are so many different sites out there for streamlining your social media. Below are a couple sites I have come across that might help with the transition.

Bloglovin – My top choice right now. Just add the blogs you want to follow, and you’ll get notified every time one of your favorite blogs has written a new blog post.

Feedly –  My second choice. Organize your favorite blogs, news sites, podcasts and Youtube channels and access them all in one place. Great for multi tiered networks.

Pulse – Pulse is a fast way to read your favorite blogs, magazines, social networks and newspapers. You can even send saved stories to Pocket and Evernote. I do like the feature to save to Pocket because I adore the app, but I am not quite sure I like the layout of Pulse.

NewsBlur – Create an account, subscribe to favorite sites, and read on any computer. NewsBlur is free on the web, iPad, iPhone, and Android up to 64 sites. After 64 sites there is a $1/month fee for the premium site.

I am not sure which I am going to go with yet. I do have till July 1st to play around with each and to see which is best for my personal needs.

Good Bye, Google Reader. You will be missed.

To use the china or not use the china. That is the question.

The other day while completing some of our registry at Macy’s I found out that our china might be discontinued. This upset me a bit. We have been using the china as our everyday dishes because when we registered for them the salesperson told us that it was an item that “Would be in stock for a very long time”. They are machine washable and very durable. They are classy and simple. They are perfect for us. Too bad she was lying through her teeth.

So the dilemma for me is this…do we keep the china as everyday dishes? I am afraid that if we break one of them we will not be able to replace it. We have ordered a couple extra, but at almost $100 a place setting it is getting expensive.

The solution that I have come up with is that we get a set of everyday dishes that we can use. Dishes that we aren’t afraid to break. Then this way we can put away the china and save it for those special occasions. We really did not want to do this when we first registered for them. We both believe that you should eat on china whenever you would like. Special occasions should not be assigned dishes. Everyday should be a special occasion. Alas, it looks like we are going to have to go the route of everyone else. Saving them.

I have found a couple of dishes that I am interested in. They are fun, colorful and playful. They represent what we are and how we like to live. Another thing that attracted me to them is the teal. I love how there are pops of the teal color and how you can mix and match them with solid color dishes. I am hoping K loves them as much as I do.



I have been a bad blogger lately.

I have been a bad blogger lately.

So many things have been going on that I have not been able to write as much lately. I also have been commenting less and less because I just can’t seem to find moments in the day to do so. I feel like a horrible blogger.

At work most people are able to meet their blogger needs. I can not. We are not allowed to use the internet in that way and the amount of  patients we see a day is astounding. Sometimes it is so busy I forget I need to pee.

On top of it all I will be attending BlogHer. I feel a little intimidated because so many of those bloggers have thriving blogs and comment on every comment they get. I try…I truly try but it has been so hard lately.

I am hoping that once everything settles with the wedding I will be able to go back to the usual blogging and commenting. I really want to make this blog the best I can make it…

Update:  Shortly after writing this blog post I used the hour after to find new blogs and comment on friends blogs.

Can I be here?

I seriously need a vacation. I need to get away. Unfortunately that is not going to happen for a while. The wedding, work and life are just getting the best of me right now. So glad to have a four day weekend. I feel bad because I haven’t been able to blog in four days. I fear with everything going on this is going to be happening a bit right now.

Can I be here?

{Pic from Sparkle & Hay}

When in Rome.

On Wednesday night I took some time away from wedding planning. I was so overwhelmed with the whole days activities so I took two hours to relax and just get over the day. I slipped into bed and cuddled up to watch When in Rome with a very large glass of wine.

When in Rome tells the story of a women named Beth who is a junior curator at the Guggenheim Museum (amazing job). While visiting Rome for her younger sister’s wedding, Beth realizes that she may never actually settle down because no man has ever been more important to her then her job. So, in a moment of drunken despair, she visits the Fountain of Love and removes several coins from the fountain’s water. Legend has it that if you take a coin from the fountain that said person will fall head over heals in love with you. This brings five guys (Will Arnett, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard, Danny Devito, and Josh Duhamel) into her life – all of whom have fallen madly in love with her. Of course wackiness ensues. Beth then has to figure out a way to break the spell and see if the man she loves actually loves her or if it is just part of the spell. Confused yet?

I don’t know if it was because of the way I was feeling on the particular day that I was watching it, but I loved this movie. When I needed to laugh the most this movie delivered. I won’t say that it is a masterpiece of a movie, but it was cute, funny, and a light diversion just when I needed it most. So if you are having one of those days go grab a glass of wine and pop in this movie. Hopefully it will lift your spirits too.

Why is it so hard for me to figure out what sort of flowers I want for my wedding? I feel as though I am the only girl who has not been dreaming and planning her wedding since she was three. Sure I knew what colors I wanted and pretty much knew when I wanted to have it, but otherwise I am just making it up as I go.

I have been through countless numbers of wedding websites. I have a pile of wedding magazines sitting next to our computer area that keeps getting kicked over. I have flipped through many, many books. Sure I have ideas, but I just can’t seem to keep to one of them. My style changes every time I look through them. Even when I booked my florist he wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted. He told me not to worry though…all brides go through this and that we have plenty of time to figure it out. So why do I feel as though I am so alone? Many friend of mine have wed before me and they all seemed to know exactly what they wanted.

I am hoping to get my act together soon. I mean really…I only have 142 days to go! Ekk!