Now is the perfect time.

As part of getting ready to move out, Mr. Sweet & I really want to purge our entire apartment top to bottom. Even though we have plenty of time (our lease is up in October) we would like to slowly start going through every single item in the apartment. So we’re making it a point, little by little over the course of the next couple of months to get rid of things. This way it will be easier for us to pack and move when we finally find something.

Now is the perfect time to go through our stuff and ask the often excruciating question: do I really need this? If we don’t absolutely need it, or absolutely love it, it’s going. Each weekend we tackle a closet, under the bed or a cabinet. Sometimes I just might be a drawer if we have a particularly busy weekend. A little goes a long way.

We are also in desperate need of new couches but want to wait to see what the new place will look like. We would hate to get something now and it not fit or doesn’t go with the flow of the new apartment. So we are saving our pennies and getting ready.


Wallpaper without the fuss.

As a renter this is a dream come true.

The Wall Sticker Company is based out of Australia.  They ship worldwide and have been in business since 2006. The company create removable fabric wallpaper that goes up in minutes, doesn’t require and glue or water, and can be removed and even relocated!

 Le Sigh. If only my husband would agree to this one.

 Adorable for the kitchen.


Finally out of hiding.

After what feels like an eternity we took out our signed wedding guitar.

These days, the possibilities are endless when it comes to guest books for weddings.   Mr. Sweet and I didn’t want everyone to just sign their name in a book that would collect dust so we searched for alternatives. We wanted them sign a memorable keepsake which could be displayed in our home. After an extensive search, we came across the idea to have everyone sign a guitar. We both are so in love with music so we thought it would be a perfect fit.

I love waking up each morning to see the sun shining upon it.

National GO Month

January is National GO (Get Organized) Month, as designated by the National Association of Professional Organizers.   As we all know, January is also a time for resolutions.  Instead of making the same resolutions to lose weight or pay off our bills, we are making a resolution to try to get organized.  Small steps, such as cleaning out drawers, clearing off kitchen counters and recycling things will be on our agenda in the upcoming weeks.   We will use small steps to help make this upcoming year a little less cluttered.

Below are a couple of organizing ideas that we love and have inspired us to get on the organization kick!

One / Two / Three / Four

Etsy Love: Winter Greens

Dark green colors always remind me of winter and the smell of pine. Two things I love around this time of year! I am completely in love with the felt coasters in this Sunday’s Etsy Love.  The cowl is also perfect for the upcoming chilly weather.

1. Felted Coasters
2. Plush bird
3. Rain Boots Personalized Stationery 
4. Agate Pendant
5. Crochet cowl
6. Owl Post Earrings on Tree Branch Gift Card

Tuesday’s Inspiration.

As was told yesterday, K and I are going to try to experience life without television for a month.  We both love to challenge ourselves.  For us this is a pretty big challenge because we are both so used to having the television as a distraction.  Last night was our first night.  K did fine.  I, on the other hand, did not do as well.  I was bit a cranky.  I yelled at K. I yelled at Layla, our cat. I yelled at the bed when I stubbed my toe.  Hopefully it was just because of the day I had, not anything that had to do with our challenge.  Let’s see how tonight goes.

So while we have nights without television we will be doing things that inspire us -reading a great book, playing a game of scrabble, having long talks, long walks and DIY projects.  Below are a couple of projects that I have been meaning to make.  They are pinned on Pinterest and have sat there for months.  Now it is time to get the supplies out and bring them to life.

1. Scrabble coasters
2. Crayon Wreath {Perfect present for my sister who is a teacher}
3. Guitar shelving {We already have a guitar that is broken!}
4. Snowball Wreath
5. DIY: Taco Seasoning {Mmm..tacos}
6. Colorful DIY Mirror

To use the china or not use the china. That is the question.

The other day while completing some of our registry at Macy’s I found out that our china might be discontinued. This upset me a bit. We have been using the china as our everyday dishes because when we registered for them the salesperson told us that it was an item that “Would be in stock for a very long time”. They are machine washable and very durable. They are classy and simple. They are perfect for us. Too bad she was lying through her teeth.

So the dilemma for me is this…do we keep the china as everyday dishes? I am afraid that if we break one of them we will not be able to replace it. We have ordered a couple extra, but at almost $100 a place setting it is getting expensive.

The solution that I have come up with is that we get a set of everyday dishes that we can use. Dishes that we aren’t afraid to break. Then this way we can put away the china and save it for those special occasions. We really did not want to do this when we first registered for them. We both believe that you should eat on china whenever you would like. Special occasions should not be assigned dishes. Everyday should be a special occasion. Alas, it looks like we are going to have to go the route of everyone else. Saving them.

I have found a couple of dishes that I am interested in. They are fun, colorful and playful. They represent what we are and how we like to live. Another thing that attracted me to them is the teal. I love how there are pops of the teal color and how you can mix and match them with solid color dishes. I am hoping K loves them as much as I do.



In constant renewal…

K always laughs at me.  I am constantly finding new and different ways that I want to change the apartment.  It is because I get bored easily.  I like to come home and switch things around.  It seems like our apartment is in constant renewal…

So when I came across a photo in the latest Crate and Barrel catalog (page 44 in the Holiday 2010 catalog). I knew what I wanted to do next.  In the photo there is a line of cookie cutters displayed on the back splash.  I have never seen this before and thought that it would be a fun little change.  Since we don’t have much room in our tiny little kitchen on the backsplash I decided to go for the look on the wall space right above our cabinets. 

I am still collecting the cookie cutters – I have just a couple more to go.  Then they will be placed and I will eventually move onto another part of the apartment.  I love the look and I can not wait to see it completed!

{I could not find the Crate & Barrel photo but this is close enough}