Every door needs to be open.

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Under the Dome

I bought Stephen King’s novel “Under the Dome” when it first came out, but it has been gathering dust on my bedroom side table. The book is over 1,000 pages long and I just couldn’t bring myself to make such a commitment to start it (even thought I did buy it so it was a bit of a commitment there). Once I heard that the novel was coming to a television near me I knew I had to dig my heals in a read it.

“Under the Dome” is a story of a small town in Maine called Chester Mills that one day is suddenly cut off from the rest of the world with an enormous transparent dome. No one can come in, no one can get out. Is this some kind of government experiment? Aliens? A natural disaster?

The development of the Dome environment, the physical and mental mechanics of isolation from the world, is compelling. Sanity and resources gradually begin to shrink and we see the destructive nature of the community within. The novel boasts a large cast of characters that are sometimes hard to keep track of. King does his best to show the situation from as many characters as possible.

Stephen King never fails to entertain me. Now that I have finally finished the book I am looking forward to watching the show (which I have been DVRing) to see just how the characters appear in real life.

Rice Krispie Treat Sparklers

Mr. Sweet and I have been invited to a lot of BBQ this season. I always like to bring a little treat as a thank you for the invite, but I hate having it look the same all the time. So I am always on the lookout for new and fun ways to present a dessert.

This year I have been on a stick craze! The Watermelon Grill, Cake Pops, doughnut hole breakfast skewers and chocolate covered marshmallows just to name a few.

So when I came across these Rice Krispie Treat Sparklers by 5 Minutes for Mom I knew I had to give them a try. Simple treats that take a short amount of time but bring smiles are the best kind of treats there are!

New York, New York.

Via All The Buildings In New York

New York has been a part of me all of my life.  It was where I had my first real corporate job, where I fell in love, where I had my heart broken for the first time and so many more memories I couldn’t even begin to list.  So when I came across illustrations by James Gulliver Hancock I fell in love.

Description from his site: All The Buildings In New York is a personal project of James Gulliver Hancock. An illustrator from Australia now based between Sydney, and New York. This project stems from an interest in obsession and recording of places. New York holds a special place in everyone’s heart, romanticized from Seasame Street and old movies like Rear Window and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This blog records an attempt to make the city personal by passing a pen over every structure, hopefully making up for the time not spent in New York.”

I would love to frame prints of his of spots that are important to me.  For now I will have to make do with his incredible book.  If you love New York as much as I do, take a look.  You won’t be disappointed.

Watermelon grill.

I am always on a the lookout for creative ways to display dishes when we have company or are invited to someones house. So when we were invited to a BBQ the other day, I scoured the internet to find something fun.

I came upon this Watermelon Gill on She Knows and I couldn’t have been more perfect!

Stop by She Knows for step-by-step instructions!