I know I’m late to the party but who cares!?!

Let me explain.

About a week or so ago, Mr. Sweet & I finally broke down and bought an iPad. For the longest time I have wanted one. It’s a big purchase and one that we weren’t sure we wanted to venture into. Mr. Sweet & I are very conservative when it comes to buying. Anything above $100 is considered a large purchase and goes into the “we must discuss” pile. We research, save and then after agreeing finally buy.

The feeling of discovery and addictive rush of having everything at my finger tips is incredible. I am immersed. There are apps for just about every category, magazines that once piled up on my desk I now have at a touch of a finger, I can play a game of Scrabble with friends who live states away, and a presentation for work is all the more interesting.

I am only in the infancy of discovering the awesomeness of having an iPad. I have downloaded the usual apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterst. Streaming is unbelievable with the Netflix and Optimum apps. Our Netflix Instant Queue has doubled because of it. Battlestar Galactica, Arrested Development, Torchwood, Downton Abbey and many others have now been added. I’m ashamed to say I have watched a day straight of Battlestar Galactica while Mr. Sweet ecstatically played his Borderlands. Side by side we are able to do things that we once had to schedule because of our one TV rule.

Who cares if I am late to the party..I’m finally here right?


Reds, whites, sparklers or rosés?

Mr. Sweet and I enjoy bringing wine when we visit friends, but I am always overwhelmed and intimidated when I stop into my local liquor store and see rows of bottles. I never know what to buy – reds, whites, sparklers or rosés? I read labels and ask for help from the sommelier. Mr. Sweet, on the other hand, finds the funniest label and hopes for the best.

A couple of months ago I came across a blog called Brunellos Have More Fun. Whitney has helped tremendously with picking out wines for the right occasions and making me feel more comfortable in the store. She also has a wonderful Webcast called “The Crush”. Do check her out if you are interested in learning more about what you have or should be drinking.

Also, should you not want to delve into the details of wines and where they come from The New York Times has a great article on 20 Memorable Bottles for $20.

We are well on our way…

I am so glad to be able to write again. For the last couple of weeks life has been getting the best of me. There has been so much to do, places to go and things that just needed to get done.

First off, I believe that K and I have finally found our wedding spot. We have the day picked and the reception hall picked. Now we just have to iron out the details with the our coordinator at the reception hall. By next week we will hopefully have the down payment paid and we will be on our way to getting married. Only scary thing – we have less then 6 months to plan it.

Lucky for me:
1. I know exactly what kind of flowers we would like
2. We have the invitations (just need to be printed)
3. We have already written up the list of people we are going to invite
4. I already have my wedding dress
5. The colors are all picked out
6. We have our guest book figured out
7. We have an idea on our favors
8. We have started a registry

Even though we have some of these things done, there are so many more things that need to get done. I have started myself a little book. I am researching everything possible. It is going to be a long road ahead, but with all the help I am getting it is going to be less stressful one.

I hope.

Oooo! Coffee high!

Coffee. It is usually the first thing that people grab in the morning. Who cares about breakfast? Coffee stat! When I drink coffee I need a lot of sugar and milk. The buzz I get off a half of a cup makes my co-workers laugh because I talk a mile a minute and giggle at everything. An hour later I am spent. I am a bad coffee drinker.

Lucky for me I feel that I have found a happy medium. Starbucks has a new ready brew instant coffee. Just add water and go. Instead of water I add a hot chocolate packet (make as directed), half of the coffee packet and a bit of milk. It is surprisingly good! It doesn’t give me as much of a buzz as a regular coffee and it tastes delish! I love Starbucks coffee, but usually only stop in and treat myself every once and a while. I can indulge in a cup of their coffee by brewing it at home – without all of the calories and it is way more affordable. Do try it! Let me know what you think!

# 26. Get dinner out only 5 times for 1 month

# 26. Get dinner out only 5 times for 1 month

We blew this one out of the water  in November.  Not only were we able to to eat dinner out only 5 times, but we also were able to go the whole month on only one trip to the market.  That is a pretty amazing feat!

With the schedules that we both have sometimes it is very hard not to just go out or pick something up.  We decided to try it out in November due to the fact that we could  spend the extra money we use on eating out for Christmas presents.   It worked out perfectly.  I made a ton of slow cooker recipes, soups and salads.  I made sure that I planned out dinners that we had the supplies for and each night we were able to pick out what we were in the mood for.  The only times we went out to eat where for special occasions or when we felt we really needed to get out with friends.

Etsy Love – Grey

One color that dominates my closet is grey. I believe that you can never go wrong with it!  Always at the top of my list.

1. Silver Pearl Necklace
2. Grey bear with a pearl and crystals
3. Charcoal Gray Neckwarmer
4. Titanium Ring
5. The Red Balloon
6. Mini Mum Earrings
7. Pillow
8. Mini rosebud pins

9. Such is Life…

We are now Wii people.

For the longest time K and I have been discussing whether to get a Wii game system or an X-Box 360.  We have been gamers for a long time now and have just about every system you can think of.  We have been holding off on the Wii and X-Box because we weren’t sure which we wanted more.  We don’t have as much time to devote to gaming as we used to and wanted something that would be fun for the both of us and our friends.  K and I are not the type of couple who likes to spend our money once we get it.  We are savers by nature and love to know that we have a little nest egg to fall back on.  Every once and a while we will dip into it for something special.  So after weighting the pros and cons of each system and a discussion was made.  We bought the Wii.
First thing we did on Sunday was put aside.  Both of us had so many things we needed to get done first before opening it.  I needed to make a starter for my chili and get my scrubs ready for work.   K needed to do laundry and homework.  After all was said and done we had a wonderful time opening, setting up and ultimately playing our Wii.  I can’t wait till we can play again!