Delightfully Living: Day 174– Day 181

365 photo project – the simple act of taking a picture every day for a year. The idea behind starting the project is for me to try to get myself to slow down and take a different look at the world. The series is called Delightfully Living. This is Day 174- 181.

What you will see: moments of time, food, details of the world around me and things that I enjoy.

Day 174: Before getting my new watch re-sized at the mall, Mr. Sweet and I stopped for some morning coffee.

Day 175: New colors for the summer.

Day 176: Why do I torture myself? Zombies ensured no sleep that night after seeing World War Z.

Day 177: Açai blueberry ice pop on the stoop time.

Day 178: Homemade Peanut butter fudge shake. OMG! Sooo good!

Day 179: This was the 3rd movie we saw last week. Each was with a different group of friends.

Day 180: Went to get detergent & Mr. Sweet found this. We had to get it…it’s Chuck Norris approved.

Day 181: Finally found the note Mr. Sweet left me a week ago!