Every door needs to be open.

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First World Problems.

First World Problems: 101 Reasons Why the Terrorists Hate Us” is a collection of short essays, rants, and personal accounts of what it’s like to live in the First World from Ben Nesvig.

I picked this up as a freebie on Amazon and finally got around to reading it while waiting at the hair salon the other day.

Several moments made me chuckle and was alarmed how true this book is to what middle class Americans see as problems. It puts certain things in perspective. Our problems are nowhere near the problems the Third World faces on a daily basis. This is what the author highlights.

This book can be read in short sittings or quickly read in a few hours. The concept was interesting and different; definitely not something to be taken too seriously.  I could have done without the “bathroom humor” part of the book, but all in all I enjoyed the concept.

Hey Sleepyhead!

via cat versus human

Other places cats sleep but shouldn’t:
(but Layla does anyway)

– on your cell phone (sometimes she will sit directly on it and I will be searching everywhere for it). Not even the vibration will make her move.

– in your blankets. I never jump into bed anymore because I am not sure if she will be cuddled up somewhere in the sheets/blankets.

– in boxes. If there is a box, she will sit in it.

– on my book. When I am reading it.  Always.

– in the sink. Watch it little lady..I am trying to wash my hands!