Every door needs to be open.

Via Cat versus Human


Hey Sleepyhead!

via cat versus human

Other places cats sleep but shouldn’t:
(but Layla does anyway)

– on your cell phone (sometimes she will sit directly on it and I will be searching everywhere for it). Not even the vibration will make her move.

– in your blankets. I never jump into bed anymore because I am not sure if she will be cuddled up somewhere in the sheets/blankets.

– in boxes. If there is a box, she will sit in it.

– on my book. When I am reading it.  Always.

– in the sink. Watch it little lady..I am trying to wash my hands!

It’s snow joke. *drum roll please*

A man and woman sit on a couch. Cloaked in large blankets and dressed in pajamas in the dead of winter. You can hear the wind blowing against the window pane. Snow has fallen and the day was long and dark.

Defying the notion that ice cream is a treat best left to the long, hot days of summer, Mr. Sweet & I indulge in a bowl in the middle of winter. We don’t care how cold it is, we are down for a scoop.

Sometimes we wonder if we are the only ones.

Do you enjoy the cold treat in the darkest of winter nights?

“One More Episode”

Hello. My name is Danielle and I am a Battlestar Galactica nerd.

*Hello Danielle*

When a friend heard that I was into the series he told me to catch this episode of “Portlandia”.  Is “Battlestar Galactica” worth losing your job over? Not for me, but for “Portlandia” characters Doug and Claire it is.  What I loved even more was the ending..Doctor Who anyone?

Have you ever been obsessed with a show you couldn’t stop watching?