Adventures in Pinterest: Personalized Mugs

My sister and her boyfriend come over every week. I make dinner and dessert. We play board games, watch movies and do crafts (gingerbread houses for Christmas, decorating ninja cookies, etc.). Last week we decided to try making our own personalized mugs.

Pinterest is infested with pins of white mugs covered in permanent/sharpie marker designs. If you are new to the Sharpie mug phenomenon it is simple: take Sharpies, draw on a mug, and bake them in the oven for a hand crafted permanently designed mug. It sounds so easy! But if you click through the multiple sites that have tried this project you will see each using a different method with some reporting terrible results (i.e. drawings wiping off, not dishwasher proof or fading). Part of what makes the Sharpie Mugs so popular is that it is a craft that you can do immediately because you already have the supplies at home. BUT instead of going the sharpie marker way, I decided to spend a little extra money on ceramic pens to be on the safe side.  We used Decor Art Glass Paint Markers from Micheal’s (($3.99 a pen).

With ceramic pens in hand we each decorated a mug. Hearts, dots, flowers, and other interesting drawings came about. Once we finished with decorating, I set them on a baking sheet and allow them to dry for an hour. I then placed them in a cold oven (this is important! you want them to heat up with the oven), turned the oven to 375 and set a timer for 50 minutes. After 50 minutes was up, I turned the oven off, cracked the oven open a bit and left the cups to cool with the oven. Once they’re cool they’re ready to use!

Note: I have hand washed the mugs and the designs have not wiped off. We have also put them in the dishwasher and they have come out perfectly!! Success!